Joker Tells His Story By Schuylar Langston

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Joker Tells His Story By Schuylar Langston

Post  Schuylar Langston on Sat Sep 11, 2010 12:13 am

Joker Tells His Story Part 1

An Arkham Asylum guard brought Joker into the madhouse in a straitjacket. Joker got defeated by Batman again in an attempt to kill everyone in a party for the mayor. It would have gone according to plan after one gun shot to the mayor`s head, but it didn`t work out because Batman came and threw a batarang at the gun. The gun clattered to the floor. Joker tried to grab it, but before he could, Batman beat him up quickly. The police came running in. One of them carried a straitjacket. When the straitjacket was put on Joker, the police led him to the police car and drove him to Arkham.

Walking through the hallway with the guard toward his cell, he saw familiar faces. Those familiar faces where supervillains...or super criminals...or customed criminals. He passed by Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Two-Face, Killer Croc, and then finally Ventriloquist. The guard pushed Joker into his cell, keeping the straitjacket on. The guard laughed and then locked the door.

Joker said to himself, "Oh well. I can break out whenever I feel like it. My sweetie Bats and I will do our little dance again."

Joker let out a crazed laugh that all of the inmates for a long ways could hear. A man in a white suit came up to Joker`s cell.

Joker asked, "What do you want, poopsy?"
The man replied, "I want to hear your story."
Joker laughed and then said, "The story of a madman with bats in his belfry? OK. I guess that it`s better than sitting in this cell all day."

A guard came over and unlocked the cell door. The guard kept Joker in the straitjacket and led him out towards a door further down the hall. The man in the white suit followed. The room was small and only had two chairs and a table. The guard pushed Joker into a chair.

Joker said to the guard, "Do you have kids? I`d love to see them sometime."

The guard ignored Joker and walked away. The man in the white suit sat down in the chair across the table. The man in the white suit announced himself as Dr. Vein.

Joker smiled even wider and said, "Dr. Vein? That sounds like the name of a mad scientist. Do you happen to know Hugo Strange?"
Dr. Vein ignored Joker and replied, "I`m here to do a story on your life. Would you be interested?"
The Joker replied, "Yes, Vein Man. I`m interested in getting jiggy with your story."
The man smiled and then said, "Very well. Thanks for your time."

Joker Tells His Story Part 2

Dr. Vein said, "It`s time to begin. Tell me how you became who you are today."
Joker replied, "Which story? The story about me killing Bruce Wayne`s parents and pulling a heist at the chemical plant unmasked? The story about me pulling a heist at a chemical plant as Red Hood? Or maybe the stories about how I got my scars?"
Dr. Vein was surprised and replied, "You have no scars."
Joker laughed and then said, "My point exactly."
Dr. Vein asked, "Can you please tell me your story".
Joker smiled even wider and said, "Sure. Let`s get on with it".
Dr. Vein smiled himself and replied, "Good."

Joker said, "I use to work at a chemical plant. I quit in order to be a stand-up comedian. I thought that it was a smart move, but apparently not. I failed horribly as a stand-up comedian. My wife was pregnant. I needed money to support her. I was desperate. In order to get the money that I needed, I decided to help two criminals break into a card company that is next door to the chemical plant. In every heist, a different criminal puts on a red hood. It`s more like a helmet actually, but for some reason those hooligans called it a red hood. I need to point something out now. Those hooligans didn`t kill in style like me. They killed so boringly. While my kills are at a greater scale of genius. I am...
Dr. Vein said, "Please get back on track."
Joker replied, "Sorry about that. I sometimes get carried away because of my genius. Now, where was I? Oh yeah. I was dressed as the Red Hood this time. During the planning of our heist, I got a call from the police. The call was that my wife and her unborn child died in a household accident."
Dr. Vein was shocked and said, "That`s horrible."

Joker continued his story, "After hearing that, I tried to back out of the heist. The criminals didn`t like that at all. They forced me to help them. When was got inside the chemical plant, we were immediately surrounded by police. We had a major shoot-out. The two criminals were killed. If only I was able to have done it myself. Batman confronted me. I was scared and in terror, I leaped over the rail and fell into a batch of chemicals. This is how Joker was born."
Dr. Vein said, "Can you tell me about Batman?"
Joker replied, "Sure."
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