Global Incident Map (Realtime)

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Global Incident Map (Realtime)

Post  Skwirlinator on Sun Sep 19, 2010 10:06 pm

This one is a map of Global Terrorism and Suspicious Behavior.

The website requires a log in but I logged out and refreshed the map to see if it is available to non-subscribers. It is and you should be able to view this page

The Incident Data On This Free Version Of The Map Is Time-Delayed 24 to 48 Hours - For Current Information Please Consider Subscribing

Other maps available

Amber-Alert Map
HAZMAT Situations Map
Forest Fires Map
H1N1 Pandemic Map
Gang Activity Map
Border Security Issues
Presidential Threat Map
Terrorism Event Predictions
Drug Interdictions Map
Non-Terror Aviation Incidents
Quakes Map
Iranian Conflict Map

This might come in handy for a current events assignment or extra credit project.

NOTE: There is a free trial available

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