The Moog Guitar - Featuring Infinate Note Sustain

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The Moog Guitar - Featuring Infinate Note Sustain

Post  Skwirlinator on Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:23 pm

The Moog Guitar provides an incredibly intimate playing experience that connects musicians directly to the source of the sound; the strings of the guitar. It does this by controlling the way the strings vibrate. In a very coherent way, it gives energy to, and takes energy away from the strings. The resulting timbres do not rely on effects or post-processing. They are created directly from the strings.

Touching the strings, being able to directly manipulate the very source of sound is fundamental to the nature of the guitar and to the spirit of playing it. The Moog Guitar’s controls just set the background mode - the control system characteristics. The strings are always your main user interface.

Every once in a while something comes along that keeps you up for nights at a time; permeating your mind like your first love. For many of us here at Moog, the Moog Guitar has generated a number of sleepless nights.

Many of you, great customers who have trusted us for years, may be wondering "Why a guitar?" I understand perfectly. From the outside it may not make sense, but trust us again when I say this is an instrument like no other.

When you put it in your hands, or maybe more correctly your guitar playing bandmate puts it in their hands, and you see the glee on their face as they imagine the sonic palette this instrument makes possible, you will truly understand. It’s at that point, you’ll think to yourself – "Moog’s done it again."

Thanks for placing your trust in Moog Music.

Mike Adams
Moog Music Inc.

The Moog Guitar Model E1

What makes this guitar so special?

The Moog Guitar Electronics add an unparalleled range of expression to the Moog Guitar:

FULL SUSTAIN MODE - like no other sustainer; infinite sustain on every string, at every fret position and at any volume. You may have heard sustain before but not with this power (we call it "Vo Power") and clarity.

CONTROLLED SUSTAIN MODE - allows you to play sustained single or polyphonic lines without muting technique. The Moog Guitar sustains the notes you are playing while actively muting the strings you are not playing.

MUTE MODE - removes energy from the strings, resulting in a variety of staccato articulations. The mute mode has never been heard on any other guitar; the Vo Power stops the strings with the same intensity that it sustains them. You feel the instrument transform in your hands.

HARMONIC BLENDS - use the included foot pedal to shift the positive energy of Vo Power in Sustain mode and the subtractive force of Vo Power in Mute mode between the bridge and neck pick-ups to pull both subtle and dramatic harmonics from the strings.

MOOG FILTER - control the frequency of the built-in, resonant Moog ladder filter using the foot pedal or a CV Input.

Moog Guitar Controls

There are five knobs:

Vo Power Knob - Controls intensity of sustain and mute. The knob turned fully CW is full Vo Power and fully CCW is no Vo Power.

Piezo Blend Blends the piezo bridge pick-up signal into the guitar's output signal.

Harmonic Balance Knob - Controls the balance of Vo Power between neck and bridge pick-ups. (When the Filter Toggle is in "Tone Control" position, this function is moved to the foot pedal and the Harmonic Balance knob does nothing.)

Master Volume Knob - Controls overall volume (Moog and piezo pick-ups).

Tone/Filter Knob - Adjusts the guitar tone when the Filter Toggle is in Tone Control position; adjusts the resonance of the Moog filters in the two Moog Filter Toggle positions.

There are three switches:

Mode Selector Switch - Switches between Mute Mode, Controlled Sustain Mode and Full Sustain Mode

Filter Toggle Switch Switches the Moog Filter between a standard guitar Tone Control - (toggle away from strings), a Moog Articulated Filter - (toggle centered), and a Moog Ladder Filter - (toggle towards strings).

Five Position Pick-up Selector Switch: Neck, In-phase, Out of phase, Bridge, and Piezo. only. (The piezo signal accessed via the Piezo Blend knob passes through the Moog filter; "piezo only" does not.)

Floor Pedal- Function depends on the setting of the Filter Toggle switch.

- When the Filter Toggle is in "Tone Control" position, the floor pedal controls the harmonic balance. (Forward = high harmonics, Middle = full harmonics, Back = lower harmonics.)

- When the Filter Toggle is in "Moog Articulated Filter" position, the floor pedal controls the filter cutoff frequency that the articulated filter starts with.

- When the Filter Toggle is in "Moog Ladder Filter" position, the foot pedal controls the filter cutoff frequency.

There are videos on the site that give you examples of what it can do.

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