Aww, Why do I need English Class Anyway?

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Aww, Why do I need English Class Anyway?

Post  Skwirlinator on Mon Sep 20, 2010 2:59 am

Don't think of it as English Class as much as a class on being an effective communicator.

Communication is vital to a healthy and prosperous life. The keys you learn in class will help you communicate your ideas, needs and desires to others you will meet in life. It's all about being on the same page as everyone else. The better you communicate in life the more opportunities you will have presented.

I'm still wary after 50 years of life about posting my own statements on an forum where an English Teacher may be lurking. Just try to keep in mind that we all learn the same things so we have a common frame of reference when communicating. Without that common link life is difficult and frustrating.

Don't worry, You will survive.

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