A great video hosting website

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A great video hosting website

Post  Schuylar Langston on Sat Sep 11, 2010 2:03 pm


From the About page:
VeeHD was created by a group of artists wanting to bring HD to the art world.

VeeHD offers an audio/visual platform where artists can showcase/promote their latest work.

VeeHD for businesses; On-demand e-learning has become one of the most popular approaches to learning and training employees. VeeHD allows businesses to offer “Virtual Classes” which gives workers flexibility on when and where they view it. Classes can also be downloaded for use in video iPods and/or some hand-held devices.

VeeHD is also for people wanting to share videos with family and friends. What better way to share your graduation, wedding video, child’s first birthday and all the other milestones in life than with high quality videos?

So whether you’re an artist, a business making On-demand e-learning available to your employees or someone wanting to share the moments of your life, VeeHD is for you.
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